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How Does Escuela Superior De Pnl Work

how does escuela superior de pnl work

how does escuela superior de pnl work

How does escuela superior de pnl work. What’s going on friends? Greets uncle Dr. Edmundo Velasco, to give a warm thank you for visiting the School of NLP. This NLP School will probably be going seven modules in the fundamental NLP program. Plus you’ll consider the seven modules in the program “success code” and 7 program modules “A new consciousness of prosperity.” Each of these materials is going to be delivered in monthly modules, ie, in this first month you will have principle module of NLP (Module I), you will have the first module in the seminar “The Code of Success” as well as the first module from the seminar “A new consciousness of prosperity.”

As you, I also had dreams and goals I wanted to accomplish and might not find the way, as if he the key to do this.

My educational background is a doctor, and a couple master story with five other specializations related to human development and behavior.

However, my biggest frustration was that most my well being, I had been studying the characters were already dead and i also couldn’t ask what are the patterns they had used to achieve excellence were.

It absolutely was there after i set an objective and prepared to fulfill all costs:

Contact a genius and work directly with him.

I desired to master directly “behaviors that cause success” with somebody who had achieved excellence and worldwide recognition anf the husband was also alive.

And i also did !!

I worked giving courses of instruction for 17 years as co-exhibitor of John Grinder (Co-creator of NLP) in Europe, Guatemala, Latin america and Mexico, and I began to consider it wise for those to learn the way to achieve their dreams.

In all honesty together with you, I must say that in those years, giving courses around the world, nevertheless, I really could not help those people who, like you, need to make a great alteration of their lives given that they did not have enough time to dedicate my total counseling.

NLP is Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This is a powerful technique facilitates the processes of communication, learning and modify, in the the personal and organizational.

This uses the universal patterns of communication and perception we will need to recognize and intervene in numerous processes, eg Learning therapy, stress management, negotiation, conflict management, removal of phobias, etc. ….

All of the modeled patterns of successful people in addition to their theoretical influences gave rise to NLP.

So you have three modules each month and plenty of tasks, a lot of exercise, plenty of dynamics that we give so that you can practice this month. The intention is to avoid over saturation made your head, how come not we hit all of the modules to help keep yourself on the conclusion saturate and lose yourself from the vastness of info. The task then may have to consider your three subjects throughout the month, do your homework, do your dynamic, do your exercises, and you’ll repeat again see each of the modules normally as you would like; hold the audio and transcripts open to you, keep in mind that this is the competitive advantage that they have those who are in the classroom seminar, people who find themselves in the classroom seminar using the seminar, taking notes, and that’s all, and navigate to the next module.

This is actually the most effective model that could deliver education from the School of NLP. You may then find in this posting on top of this, bonds, gifts you will be giving, videos that is to be rising on the stock market associated with what we’re seeing, that are not section of the seminar, nevertheless they will enrich your educational level plus your learning process.

And so i am very happy to give you a hot welcome! At the School of NLP; I am hoping it serves a lot from the learning, which serves much good thing about these components.

Trust me you won’t get in the entire internet will provide a seminar that every these benefits! How does escuela superior de pnl work.

how does escuela superior de pnl work

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